Refuge Church International


We believe in the truth that the gospel transforms everything because we are people who have ourselves been transformed. We long to see the same hope and renewal we have experienced, be experienced by people from every people group in the world. We realize that we are only one church, and in the beginning stages, but we believe that it was to the church that Christ gave the Great Commission and it is the church who has the power to fulfill that commission through the power of the Holy Spirit

The ambition of Refuge Church is to preach the gospel where it is not known. We are passionate about offering the grace of Christ to those within Atlanta and extending this good news onward to the nations.  We believe God has called us to pursue gospel transformation both here in Atlanta and around the world. 

Nearly 2 billion people in the world have never had a chance to hear the gospel. It is our task to take it to them so others have the chance to rise from ashes to beauty, from death to life in Christ.

Our Vision

Refuge Church longs to see our people and partners take the gospel to places where it has not yet been or where it has been forgotten, for those who hear the gospel to be transformed through faith and for reproducing churches to be planted among these groups.

Our vision for international missions can be boiled down to gospel proclamation, gospel transformation, and gospel planting in unreached and forgotten areas.

Current International Efforts

Refuge Church’s international efforts are currently focused on reaching the peoples of the Himalayan region. Tibetan Buddhism is the primary religion in the area. Embedded in this worldview is an inherent hopelessness. The poor, sick, and marginalized are in their current state because of evils committed in a past life. As a result, Himalayans spend their entire existence earning merit in order to be reborn into a better life. Such a life enslaved to works leaves little room for grace and beauty.

Out of millions only a few hundred people have come to know the freedom offered in Jesus. The need is so great. We are currently supporting and committed to sending more workers to these people in the future. Please join us in praying for:

  • God to mobilize more believers passionate about giving the gospel to Himalayans.
  • For the spiritual health and vitality of Christian workers already in the field.
  • Clear communication of the gospel.
  • That the people feel their bondage and see their need for a Savior.