Message: “God’s Heart for the World” from Gabriel Howard

Dr John - September 13, 2020

The Mission

One Small Step for Mankind

Genesis 6:11-14. God's mission is unfinished, and his means of completing it humanity. Is your life "distinct" for the sake of the gospel? Do you practice joyful morality, flagrant generosity, and unbiased love? What does following Jesus cost you, and can others tell?

From Series: "One Small Step for Mankind"

It can feel scary to share your faith. What do I say? What if I say the wrong thing or don’t have the answers to their questions? Are they going to think I’m weird or a bigot? When I supposed to find the time? These fears are real, and we all have one or more of them. But if we know Jesus, we also have God’s perfect love, which can cast out our fear. His love empowers us to overcome our fears and take One Small Step toward sharing the gospel, whether that’s next door or across the world!

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