Message: “Forgiveness ” from Ethan Seifried

Ethan Seifried - November 1, 2021


Be the Bridge

Though anger and bitterness give us a sense of control for a time, unforgiveness hardens, embitters, and eventually controls us. Unforgiveness effectively hands the power back to those who have harmed us. It's only through forgiveness, releasing the offender from the debt he or she owes, that we can be free ourselves. And although it may seem impossible to forgive the most difficult offenses, if God forgave us of our cosmic treason, then we can forgive each other. Join us this morning as we continue our Be the Bridge series and address the role of Forgiveness in bridge building.

From Series: "Be the Bridge"

In a time when there is so much division over race, class, and culture, many are hesitant to step in the gap because they're fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing. But the church must be the bridge to heal the divisions that exist among us. If not the church, then who? "Be the Bridge" is a new sermon series and discussion group that will explore what the God has to say about racial unity and how we, as the church, can move towards it. It is based on Latasha Morrison's Book and small group curriculum by the same name.

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