Message: “Find Me in the Club” from Ethan Seifried

Ethan Seifried - May 9, 2021

Setting a Prisoner Free

Starting Point

What's your greatest regret? For many of us, that question causes a flood of emotions. Guilt and shame probably play a prominent role in that flood of emotions, reminding us of the standard we failed to meet and those who looked on as it happened. And while we've devised many ways to overcome and move past the guilt and shame (ignoring it, medicating it, explaining it away, etc.), the feelings remain. Or they're triggered when we hear that person's name, or drive past that place, or smell that smell. Can we ever be free? Is it possible to move past the guilt and shame? Can we not be triggered by triggers? While it may seem impossible, there is hope. There are answers. Find out what those are today, as we continue our Starting Point series!

From Series: "Starting Point"

Everything has a starting point, whether it be our careers, families, or friends everything starts somewhere. And the same is true of our faith. Starting Point is a study that dives into discussing the fundamentals of God, Jesus, The Bible, and Christianity. This study is great for cultivating an environment where we can engage in real, open, honest conversations about God. Throughout this series we will address lots of questions many of you may have, even if you are already a follower of Jesus. And for those of you who aren’t yet or are maybe on the fence we want to address the questions, doubts, and curiosities you may have always wondered about, but never felt you could ask at Church because they would make folks uncomfortable, or that you asked and didn’t get answers to.

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