Message: “Dating” from Ethan Seifried

Ethan Seifried - September 10, 2021


It\'s Complicated: A Series on Relationships

Dating these days is a wasteland. We engage in physical and sexual intimacy that’s only meant to come from a spouse. We try to extract purpose and fulfillment that’s only meant to come from God. And we look to significant others for the companionship and support that ought to be found in friendships and community. As followers of Jesus, dating ought to be the process of committing one’s life to Jesus and his kingdom, then finding a spouse who does the same and marrying them. Because if Jesus isn’t enough for you, a partner never will be.

From Series: "It's Complicated: A Series on Relationships"

If there’s one thing that relationships are, it’s complicated. Whether community, friendship, dating, marriage, or parenting, it can be so rewarding, yet so messy at the same time. This is especially true after the last year and a half we’re still all recovering from! But the truth is every relationship in your life is a gift from God, given to you to make you (and others) more like him: to desire him more deeply, to fix your mind on him with greater tenacity, and to pursue godliness with your whole heart. In fact, they’re so important that when God surveyed his creation, he said everything was good, except the fact that humanity was alone.

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