Message: “Because I Am, You Are” from Ethan Seifried

Ethan Seifried - October 20, 2019

Because I Am, You Are

Exodus: God\'s Chosen People

Exodus 1-15. We all want to believe that God can and will deliver us from our bondage. Whatever it may be we struggle with or feel enslaved to: mental illness, bad decisions from our past, pornography, reputation, fear...the list is endless. But because of who God is, we can be certain that God can and will deliver his people.

From Series: "Exodus: God's Chosen People"

“The exodus is central to the Scriptures, central to the gospel, and central to the Christian life. Whatever book of the Bible you are reading, and whichever Christian practices you are involved in, echoes of the exodus are in there somewhere.” Exodus is an identity-forming book. It teaches us first who God is and secondly who we should be in relation to him. And our hope is that in the chaos of this world, God’s Word from Exodus would be an anchor for us as God’s people.

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