Message: “All I Am Is All You Need” from Ethan Seifried

Ethan Seifried - November 10, 2019

How Good Is Good Enough?

Exodus: God\'s Chosen People

Exodus 24. We believe our good is good enough to earn God's love. Even for Christians who would say they know better, the reality is our actions don't fall in line with that belief. But when it comes to the shame we feel when we do wrong, or if we’ve been messing around in stuff we shouldn’t be, what is your response? Do you feel like God’s mad at you? Like he loves you less? Do you try to do better so that God will be happy with you again? As though our good can earn God’s love… If that’s you, then what you’re really saying is that if I could just do better, my good would be good enough. Or those of you who have it all together: regular times with God, great prayer life, serve, here every you feel like God’s happier with you than other people? But thank God that he loves us because of HIS goodness, not ours.

From Series: "Exodus: God's Chosen People"

“The exodus is central to the Scriptures, central to the gospel, and central to the Christian life. Whatever book of the Bible you are reading, and whichever Christian practices you are involved in, echoes of the exodus are in there somewhere.” Exodus is an identity-forming book. It teaches us first who God is and secondly who we should be in relation to him. And our hope is that in the chaos of this world, God’s Word from Exodus would be an anchor for us as God’s people.

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