Automatic Bill Pay


Automatic Bill Pay is a great way to give regularly and consistently to Refuge Church. In addition, it saves Refuge Church transaction and credit card processing fees! That means 100% of your donation goes to fund the operation and mission of Refuge Church.

Set-up Instructions:

Each bank is set-up slightly different. If you have additional questions, we recommend you contact your bank directly.

1. Log-in to your online banking. >> For example,

2. Select “Bill Pay” or “Pay Bills”

3. Select “Add Payee” or “Add Company or Person”

4. Select “Enter payee information” and enter the applicable information for Refuge Church
Refuge Church, 830 Glenwood Ave SE, Suite 510 #316, Atlanta GA 30316 (404) 307-1088

5. In the account number field, please include your phone number.

6. Select “Recurring Payment.” Enter the appropriate dollar amount and frequency. ***For some banks you will need to find the “Manage My Bills” tab in order to set
up the recurring payment option***

7. Select “Finish.”