New Sermon Series Starting August 21st: Job

Beginning Sunday, August 21st, we will be taking a journey through the book of Job as a Church family.

This story of suffering, questioning, faith and the dialog with God has resonated with countless millions who have wondered, “Why all this suffering?” “Where is God?” “What kind of God…?” “Why does a loving God allow so much suffering?” “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “Why….?” “How can I cope?”

God gives us a forty-two chapter book in Job.  As Christopher Ash writes, “Job is a narrative with a very slow pace (after the frenetic beginning) and long delays.  Why?  Because there is no instant working through grief, no quick fix to pain…God has given us a forty-two chapter journey with no satisfactory bypass.”

So come join the True North family Sunday at 10am at the Perkerson Park Recreation Center as we journey through this book together!  Invite your friends, co-workers, family members, classmates, and or neighbors — especially those who are hurting and or looking for answers to questions like these.

Grace and Peace,



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